Friday, January 22, 2010

Fresh-Cut Frenzy!

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This month for Stamp Club we used the Fresh-Cuts Stamp Set ($45.95) and Fresh-Cut Notes ($20.95).  The note cards are such fun to play with.  You can just let your imagination run wild – you don’t even have to use the Fresh-Cuts stamp set if don’t want to.  They are a great idea to make up as a gift, in fact as each pack comes with 15 note cards and 15 matching envelopes, you could make a few gifts sets from each pack!

Each card has a die-cut flower in the middle with little petals that you can push out.  It also matches the 5-Petal Flower Punch ($35.95) so you can have lots of fun embellishing them.   We also decorated the inside of the cards and the envelopes too.  Below are some of the samples I made.

fresh cuts 008 (Small)

fresh cuts 013 (Small)In this black and white example, I have used the punched out petals and a black 5-Petal Flower punch-out to make the spiral flower on the card.  Black & white is always so effective.

fresh cuts 012 (Small)fresh cuts 011 (Small) 








fresh cuts 010 (Small)


This card was a bit of fun.  I used the colours from the Tall Tales DSP ($19.95/pack) for inspiration and the giraffe stamp from the matching Animal Stories Stamp Set ($28.95).  I used Crystal Effects ($13.95) to “pop” the spots on the giraffe and the centres of the flowers.  I also punched a giraffe head from the DSP and used it in the Build-a-Brad ($22.95/pack) in the centre of the flower.

The following are some examples made by my club girls – didn’t they do a great job!


fresh cuts 002 (Small)   Shafresh cuts 004 (Small)

Julia                                           Sha’s Sister fresh cuts 005 (Small)fresh cuts 006 (Small)









Happy Stamping

Ann Wills

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